Things to do in Kelowna if you only have 3 days

British Columbia’s city of Kelowna is spoilt for touristic and fun destinations, presenting quite the dilemma for visitors with only a few days to spare. Choosing from its wide range of destinations and activities can be pretty daunting for such visitors. If you only have three days in Kelowna, here is our proposed itinerary of activities and places to visit, that will bring you close to Kelowna’s core, without the hassle of trying to take it all in.

Day #1

Cycling the Trestles

The Myra Canyon trestles of Okanagan were railroads built by hand back in 1914. These railroads were later on abandoned, after which volunteers took to restoring in 1993. The 12km (one way) restored section of the Kettle Valley Railway Trail is now the perfect destination for walking, hiking, and biking. Biking is, however, the most popular activity here. There is no need to come along with your own bicycle, as there are lots to rent at the entrance to the trail. The smooth trail boasts 18 trestles and 2 canyons, all of which will take you past stunning picturesque views. It is an experience you will truly cherish, making it a great way to begin your exploration of Kelowna. The biking trail is family friendly, and unless your little teenagers are afraid of heights, it will make for a great family bonding activity. Be sure to bike through all 24kms of the Myra Canyon Trestles, the sense of accomplishment is unrivaled.

Day #2

Wine Tasting in Kelowna

Besides its natural wonders, Kelowna also boasts over 100 wineries, making wine a part of its culture. Of all these wineries, three stand out: Mission Hill Winery, Cedar Creek Winery, and Summer Hill Winery. Day 2 of your stay in Kelowna will be best spent savoring Kelowna’s best wines, as you go on guided tours in some of our oldest wineries.

All of these wineries will offer you exclusive access to their wine cellars, providing you with an insider’s knowledge of their unique and award-winning winemaking processes. While Summer Hill Winery allows for wine tastings and tours on a drop-in basis, it is always advisable to call the wineries in advance to book a tour and tasting session.

Besides wines, they also offer exclusive dining experiences through their restaurants overlooking the vineyards.

Day #3

Spend Time at the beach

For your last day in Kelowna, we will like for you to leave with some sand under your foot. Spend your last day discovering Kelowna’s beaches, with their clear waters and water sports. Join other visitors like you in engaging in fun activities that will cement your nostalgic reminiscence of this town long after you are gone. Our three most popular beaches are City Park Beach, Sarson’s Beach, and Strathcona beach.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Time in Kelowna!