Silver Star Ski Resort

The village of Silver Star is only an hour’s drive from Kelowna airport, with a huge mountain range that is perfect for snow and ski lovers. The resorts champagne snow has been its main attraction since creation, and continues to pull in tourists from all over the world. Opened for most parts of the year, it is just above the cozy village of SilverStar.

Here is why you should begin planning your next vacation to Silver Star Resort:

The resort is only an hour’s drive from Kelowna, implying that you could lodge at our Cadder House in Kelowna, and still be able to enjoy the best of both SilverStar and Kelowna without any rush. We are sure the contrast of both locations will provide for a pleasant thrill.

SilverStar village has a variety of restaurants, eateries and pubs, which serve both local and international delicacies. To get a complete feel of the village and the resort, we urge you to please indulge in some local delicacies, while engaging in a conversation with a local. The experience is priceless.

The resort will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, making it the best time to be a part of its great ski history. As part of the celebrations to commemorate this milestone, they will be giving out special offers and discounts on a host of their offerings. Check out their site for more information on this.

The four distinctive skiing faces of the mountain resort caters for both pro and amateur skiers, With the back part of the mountain serving as welcome challenge to pro skiers. Being taken up the mountain by the lift provides for a whole new experience as the entire landscape below you changes continuously. The mountain has a 760 meter vertical drop with 132 marked tracks providing for downhill and Nordic cross country skiing.

Night skiing is big on the resort, where it is hosted 7 nights a week on a 4km perfectly groomed trail that takes you pass Sovereign Lakes. This is an experience of a lifetime that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

This germ of a resort is rarely over populated. You can therefore take in the entire view at your leisure without any rush or queuing. Don’t bother racking up expenses by travelling with all that ski gear, the resort does rent skiing gears.

Apart from Snow related sports, Silver Star resort also offers hiking and biking trails with varying levels of difficulties. The resort’s peak season’s are Winter and Summer. These periods are usually characterized by lots of activities and festivals to provide you with the most fun.

Other amenities, including ATM services and lost and found are provided on the resort. The administrative center also provides ample space where you can sit and eat your lunch in quiet. It as well have a fitness center and professional ski instructors. The Wi-Fi here is free, and cell reception is great. Overall, it is a family friendly resort and a super fun place to go skiing.