Big White Ski Resort

Thinking of visiting Kelowna? Then the Big White Ski resort should definitely be at the top of your bucket list of places to visit. The resort which gets its name from the Big White Mountain on which it is built, is one of British Columbia’s most popular tourist destinations, hosting tens of thousands of national and international tourists every year. Built for the utmost family experience, Big White’s dry snow will definitely keep you coming back every time.

Why you should visit Big White Ski Resort?
The resort has some pretty spectacular offerings and features that gives great value for money. For starters, it is only about an hour’s drive from Kelowna. You can therefore always make it in time for the best skiing experience.
The picturesque views from the top of the mountain are breath taking. There is no way you won’t want to take a picture from this height. The surrounding landscape and kiss of the sun in summer makes the environment surreal. Big white’s over 100 dedicated skiing trails provides for all levels of skiing difficulties, from first timers, through intermediates to experts. The resort also features a skiing school with qualified ski instructors to teach you some neat tricks and get you started right on the snow.

Big white was definitely built with families in mind, and has a beautiful day care with expert baby sitters to keep your child active and engaged in mind boosting activities, while you take on the trails of this glorious mountain.
Unlike some mountain resorts which might have poor cell phone reception, Big white resort does not only have a great cell reception, but also provides free Wi-Fi, so you can share the moments that matter to you with the rest of your friends in real time.
Friday night specials. Friday nights are a great time to book for the $10 Friday night special. For only $10, you can enjoy the bliss of night skiing. Friday Night specials are not available all year round. Check the site for more information on this.

Big White also have tubing, dog sledding, cross country skiing and snow shoeing trails to enjoy.

Though famous for its snow, with its motto “It’s the snow”, the resort also offers a variety of non-snowy activities, including biking and hiking. Hiking and biking gears are available for rent on the resort. Before you bring your own bicycle, it will be great to confirm that it meets with the mountain’s standards, else you won’t be allowed to use it on the property. Seasonal events and carnivals are also a big part of Big White Resort.